This non-profit association has been formed to present an opportunity for family members and friends to help in missionary projects of our sisters in underdeveloped countries and to receive a tax-deductible receipt. All money received is sent, with only the interest on donations being used for administrative costs. Money is generally sent once a year through a bank account that is accessible to the sisters in South America, or by mail to our sisters in Africa. There are current projects in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, and a partnership with another Congregation in the Congo. An annual newsletter reports back to donors how money has been disbursed.

In Chile we have several projects. One is helping the 800 children of our K-12 school in Lota. Lota is a very poor town, probably the poorest in Chile. There used to be a coal mine extending under the Pacific Ocean. When the mine closed, the town was left destitute. The only commerce now is a Japanese owned fishery. A few enterprising people carve coal into statues or other objects for the tourist trade. The government has a program to help poor students by providing a warm lunch, which may be the only good meal the child gets in the day. Recently the government cut back to 25% of their subsidy. One child had a solution: “We’re four students in our family. We can take a day each.” We send money to the sister in charge of this school for food, medicine, tuition for a few students, and teaching materials.

Anyone interested in donating to the association, please send cheques payable to
The Missionary Association of the Sister of the Child Jesus
318 Laval Street
Coquitlam, BC
V3K 4W4

Updated 20 SEPT 2005