Discernment stage

If you are a Catholic woman who feels attracted to the Sisters of the Child Jesus, it will be important to get to know us, our charism, our spirituality and our mission and see if this charism, spirituality and mission resonate within you. A sister will assist in your discernment, and journey with you until you either feel you ready to proceed in the formation program or decide that the Sisters of the Child Jesus are not where God is calling you.

Formation Program

There are 4 steps in the formation program. The length of each stage will vary according to the individual needs of the person. At the beginning of each stage, you will be asked to write a letter requesting to begin that stage and the Sisters of the Child Jesus need to accept you into that stage.

1. Pre Novitiate at home with accompaniment with a sister and a spiritual reading program.

2. Pre-Novitiate community experience lived in a community of the Sisters of the Child Jesus.

3. Novitiate stage for two years to study the vows, the Way of Life of the Sisters of the Child Jesus and deepen in prayer. During part of the novitiate, you are given an opportunity to explore your aptitudes for ministry in volunteer services.

4. Temporary profession is a time to experience living the vows and balancing ministry with prayer. This stage may also include some time of studies to prepare for ministry. The temporary professed lives in community with other professed Sisters and renews her vows until such a time as she is ready to commit herself to God with perpetual vows. This stage may last about 5 or 6 years.

Jesus says: "The harvest is plentiful, the laborers are few, come with me into the fields." If this is your call, we say "Come and dance the mystery of LOVE with us."

For further information contact the Province Animator closest to you. For addresses, go to Where We Are.

Posted 19 SEPT 2005